Benefits of Being an Electrician

There are a number of reasons why becoming an electrician could be your best career move.

For one, electricity is a part of everyday life in many places of the world. As such, electricians have the respect of being members of one of the most respected trades in the country.

Why is an electrician an excellent career choice?

1. Of all the trades, electricians earn the most money. Since 2008, there has been a skill shortage. As such, the industry places them in demand. The industry offers a number of career paths to pursue. Electricians may decide to invest in an electrical design certification, which could make them even more marketable.

2. Electricians engage in challenging work on a daily basis. They must have a strong understanding of electrical diagrams, installation techniques, and safety protocols. They are craftsmen who must often think quickly on their feet. One day could involve a standard installation, while the next may involve a major project. No two days are likely to be the same.

3. Electricians learn skills that they can leverage for life. It is also a skill that friends and others can turn to and ask for help and advice. Many electricians can wire their own homes and projects. This can save a lot of time and money down the line.

4. Electricians have an office and it is often their van or truck. The life is not for everyone, but many electricians would not trade it in for anything. They like the freedom and respect that comes along with the job.

5. Many electricians also love their work environment. Those who work indoors may work at a plant or electrical installation. Others, working on construction sites, get to change their work environment every so often. Electricians are rarely confined to the four same walls of an office building or work station. They get to experience a complete variety of assignments.

6. Electricians also like the fact that even while working for someone else, they feel like they are their own boss. While inspectors are always around, electricians tend to work with no one looking over their shoulder.

7. They also experience lots of opportunities for career advancement. Hard-working electricians gain a lot of knowledge and experience. They may have an opportunity for advancement to an electrical engineer, design engineer, or contract manager. They may also have opportunities to advance as an electrical inspector or crew foreman.

8. There is also a lot of flexibility with respect to where electricians can work. They can focus on a niche or become a generalized professional. They may choose to be members of a union, or work for an established company.

9. Many find their own personal reward in being able to master techniques and solve electrical puzzles.

Ways to Become an Electrician

There are a number of paths to take to become an electrician. First, a person needs a good foundation in math. One year of algebra, a science class, and practical electronics courses are good to have under the belt. Formal training can also provide a pathway to success.

Several courses may include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), or the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). Program participants are likely to spend four years in a classroom along with training on the job.

Technical and vocational schools offering programs are a great place to begin. They offer invaluable classroom theory. These schools also help students find apprenticeship programs that will help them develop skills while on the job.

Additional Requirements to Enter an Apprenticeship Program

A person must be at least 18 years old without exception
The individual must have, at the very least, a high school diploma or GED
Apprenticeship requires that an individual will have taken and passed Algebra in a full-year class
Applicants must show proof of a driver’s license
Applicants will need to take and pass a mandatory drug test
A person must be physical fit and able to perform the work required by electricians

If you are interested in becoming an electrician, the job outlook for qualified professionals is always good.